Rathian, a flying wyvern, is one of the most feared monsters in the Monster Hunter universe. She is known for her ferociousness and strength, and is often considered the queen of the wyverns. Rathian is one of the most popular monsters in the series, and has appeared in almost every Monster Hunter game.

Advance Tips: Monster Hunter Stories Can Rathian Fly

Yes, Rathian can fly in Monster Hunter stories. She is one of the most feared flying wyverns, and is known to be very aggressive. Her fiery breath and sharp claws make her a formidable opponent, and she is often seen as the leader of her pack. She is also known to be very fast and agile in the air, making her hard to hit.


1. Can Rathian fly?
Yes, Rathian can fly.

2. How high can Rathian fly?
Rathian can fly up to several hundred feet in the air.

3. How does Rathian fly?
Rathian uses its powerful wings to fly.

4. What does Rathian use its wings for?
Rathian uses its wings for flying and for attacking prey.

5. How fast can Rathian fly?
Rathian can fly quite fast, up to speeds of around 60 miles per hour.


Yes, Rathian can fly in the Monster Hunter stories.

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